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2024 Trip Sitter Training

Level 1: Friends & Family

January 17 & 24, 2024

7:00pm-8:30pm ET


Trip sitters offer specific types of support during another person's psychedelic experience to ensure their safety. Deciding to hold space for someone while they’re on a journey is a big decision! There are many things to consider, even if you have had psychedelic experiences of your own. This training program is intended to prepare folks to support family and friends who would like extra support during an upcoming journey. You will learn ways to help them prepare, how to navigate challenging situations mid-trip, and what type of support your friends may need during the hours or days following their journey.


*Laws and regulations vary from state to state and many psychedelic substances are illegal in the United States. It is up to the individual to research applicable laws and risks before pursuing psychedelic medicine.*


We will meet via zoom on Wednesday, January 17 and 24, from 7:00pm-8:30pm ET.


While recordings are included, this is an interactive training and attendance is expected the first week (on January 17, 2024).


Includes: 2 Webinars, Recordings + pdf Guide

Limited to 15 participants.

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone this series if a minimum of 8 people have not signed up by January 10.


This webinar series is NOT a certification program, and it is not intended to prepare you to offer Trip Sitting services professionally. Upon completion of Level 1, you will be eligible for advanced training opportunities as they become available as well as opportunities to shadow or co-sit with Michelle to fine tune your skills.

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