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"We have a tendency to put up shields to protect ourselves, but in any setting with Michelle, I have always found a group of women who are willing to set those aside. The moments we have shared have been raw; whether they were moments of joy, sadness, excitement, or anger, and we have found a place where we can let our guard down and connect to others as our authentic selves." LG

"Michelle asks questions I would have never thought to ask myself." -LB

"Michelle, you speak to the parts of us no one else speaks to. You help us remember, then you sing the song that brings us back to life." TE

"Michelle's gatherings have given me a safe and supportive space to feel like I can be 100% authentic and not be judged. I am welcomed as I am. Sharing my experiences with others that understand me has been cathartic and healing. These gatherings fill my cup so I can be more for my family and others. They are acts of self-love." -AG

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