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The Mushroom Cave

Frequently Asked Questions

While many questions are best answered during a Discovery Call or Session, here are a few we get a lot. You can also email me with questions.

HOW do I book a Discovery Call?

Email me to schedule a Discovery Call. Discovery Calls are brief complimentary calls to see if I offer what you are looking for. A full Discovery Session may be necessary if you have lots of questions or we are unable to cover everything during our initial phone call.

WHERE are these services offered?

While my private practice is located in Chattanooga, TN, I am available for travel and some services can be offered remotely. Journeys and ceremonies take place at the client's home or another private location of the client's choosing. Discovery sessions and counseling sessions can take place via phone, zoom, or at my office in Chattanooga, TN.

WHO is eligible for these services?

To be eligible for consideration, a person must be at least 25 years old and be free of any severe cardiac-related or respiratory-related issues. Other eligibility criteria will be reviewed our Discovery Session, such as medication interactions and other health factors that many require accommodation or special arrangements. 

How much does counseling or trip sitting cost?

Please visit the RATES page for more information.


Is this legal?

Our service is 100% legal. Trip Sitting is a harm reduction service. However, possessing psychedelics in the United States is federally illegal. You will need to use your discretion and evaluate the level of risk you feel comfortable taking in pursuit of your healing.

Who provides the medicine?

We do not provide medicines that are federally regulated. In almost all cases, the person who is journeying with the sacred plant medicine will be responsible for sourcing it and self-administering it. There are some rare exceptions based on medicine, location, and other factors.

Can you help me source or find sacred plant medicines?

We do not provide medicines that are federally regulated or illegal. This topic is best discussed during a Discovery Session.

Can I continue taking my medications?

This is highly dependent on which medications you are taking and which plant or fungi you will be ingesting during your ceremony. Medication protocols will be discussed during your Discovery Session.


Do I really NEED a Trip Sitter?

It depends. Are you seeking a recreational experience or are you looking for a healing or therapeutic experience? First and foremost, you should never consume medium to high doses of psychedelic substances alone due to the likelihood that you would be incapable of handing a crisis or emergency during such an altered state of consciousness. In addition, you may also harm yourself if safety measures have not been taken in advance. Beyond harm reduction, trip sitters and guides provide emotional support, integration coaching, and accountability - all of which can feel pretty priceless if you don't have a therapist or support system well versed in psychedelics or plant spirit medicine.

What experience and training does Michelle have?

My blend of trauma-informed counseling experience, extensive training in sacred plant medicine facilitation (including apprenticeship), and personal experiences support me in being an insightful, kind, and informed Guide. I have a PhD in Transpersonal Counseling and has completed over 100 hours of continuing education in Sacred Plant Medicine including Trauma-Informed Facilitation, Trip Sitting and Psilocybin-assisted Wellness and Recovery. I have personally sat with sacred plant and mushroom medicines and know how transformative these sacred journeys can be.


Why does this cost so much?

A little research and you will discover that The Mushroom Cave packages are more accessible than many. Other programs with well-trained Sitters or Transpersonal Counselors charge $2000+ for trip sitting alone. Keep in mind that the amount of time and energy invested in ceremony, safety, and tending to the individual needs of each client + continuing education and training is costly and demanding for a Guide. If you need financial assistance, feel free to reach out. Sometimes we are able to offer partial scholarships for harm reduction (trip sitting) services.

Is there a payment plan?

Payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me for more information.

Can I skip the Preparation Phase?

No. Even if you have journeyed before, preparation support is an important part of this experience. Typically, minimum of 2 preparation sessions are needed to be eligible for Trip Sitting services.


What if I still have questions?

Email me if you have questions about information on this page or if you would like to schedule a 10-minute Discovery Call to gather a little more information.

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