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The Mushroom Cave

Offering Descriptions


Anyone is eligible for Preparation and/or Integration Counseling, even if you are not working with me as a Trip Sitter or Guide. If I am providing Trip Sitting or Guide Services, Preparation Sessions are required, and we will develop an Integration Plan together.

Preparation minimizes the chance of a “bad” trip. It involves ensuring you have a thoughtful plan for safety, setting, and aftercare. This phase is also about readying the body, mind and spirit for this sacred medicine experience and working through questions, concerns, or fears that arise.

Many people report that a psychedelic journey is one of the most meaningful experiences of their entire life. However, the real work begins after the ceremony. It's hard to apply new perspectives, insights, or inspiration to our lives if we lack support and accountability. Integration Counseling and Groups offer people a place to share, process, and weave insights and discoveries into daily life. Clinical trials always include Integration Support and most ceremonial structures do as well. Don’t skip this part!

Private Counseling

One-on-one Preparation and Integration Counseling is available via zoom or in office. Sessions are $100/hour.

Integration Groups

Both in-person and virtual Integration Groups are offered for those wanting support integrating a sacred plant medicine journey or vision/nature quest. Only people who have had one of these experiences are eligible and we keep our group sizes small. Check my EVENTS page for more information.


Trip Sitting is about harm reduction and compassionate support. A Trip Sitter focuses on keeping you physically and emotionally safe and will be by your side throughout the journey.

Guiding is an therapeutic and spiritual offering. Guides have additional training and experience to prepare them to provide supplementary types of support before, during, and after the journey. They are typically experienced in counseling, spiritual integration, mental healthcare and/or ceremonial medicine. During a journey, a Guide can discern when to hold space vs. when to gently engage with you. They have a range of tools to work with if challenging experiences or traumatic memories spontaneously arise. As a Guide, I can lead or co-create ceremony with you to deepen your experience and help you embody your intentions. This can include rituals such as blessing a space, grounding, drumming, prayer, nature immersion, a fire ceremony, and structured gratitude practices.


Microdosing is ingesting a very small, sub-hallucinogenic, amount of a psychedelic substance on a specific schedule for positive effects on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness over time. While clinical trials are limited so far, decades of practitioner observations and client records report improved mood, enhanced mindfulness and creativity, decreased anxiety, better cognitive functioning, and a deeper connection to self and others. Microdosing Mentorships involve education related to harm reduction, dosage ranges, monitoring effects, and integrating experiences and observations. They do not include medicine. 


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