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The Mushroom Cave


Discovery Call: Free

Discovery Session: $50

Prep Sessions: $100/hr

Trip Sitting: $850-$1250/day

Retreat Ceremony: Varies

Integration Counseling: $100/hr

Microdose Education: Varies


Trip Sitting & Solo Retreat rates are based on cash payment. Please add 20% if using any other payment method.

Rate Details


A 10-minute Discovery Call allows time for asking questions and seeing if I am able to offer the support and services you are looking for. Sometimes we need more time or I need more information from you. If that happens, you may be asked to fill out an application for services or we may schedule a full Discovery Session so we can dive deeper.


Discovery sessions can take place virtually or in my Chattanooga office.

PREPARATION: $100/hour

Typically 2 preparation sessions are needed before trip sitting or a ceremony can take place. In these sessions, we talk about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual preparation as well as discuss setting, intentions, and after-care support. (Preparation sessions are also available to those who plan to journey alone or with friends and want assistance with planning).

TRIP SITTING/GUIDE: $850 - $1250

Includes Trip Sitting (8 hours) + Ceremony Guidance

Not Included: My travel

Pre-requisites: Discovery Session, Application,

Preparation Sessions, and Commitment to Integration Services.


This is fully customizable!

A retreat experience is what many people have in mind when they think of a plant spirit medicine ceremony. Solo or couple retreats typically include support the day before your journey as well as the day after. I will spend the night with you after your ceremony and I may provide meals or lead restorative practices to help nourish your body and spirit during your recovery process. We can customize your retreat based on your needs, preferences, and budget. 

Pre-requisites: Discovery Session, Application, Preparation Sessions, and commitment to Integration Service with me or another practitioner or guide.


Integration Counseling is available with or without trip sitting services (such as for those returning from a psilocybin or ayahuasca retreat).


Because sessions can vary in length and everyone is different, custom plans work the best when it comes to microdosing education. Please email me for more information, or simply set up a 1-hour counseling session and we can start exploring your goals and next steps.

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