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A supportive space to learn about journeying with sacred plants and fungi as well as services to guide you along the way, including sacred journey "trip sitting" and integration counseling.

The Mushroom Cave


Educational Workshops

Trip Sitting: Solo & Couples

Sacred Journey Guide

Group Ceremony

Integration Counseling

Microdosing Education

Trip Sitter Training (2024)

How It Works

Our journey together starts with a brief phone call and questionnaire to explore your goals and ensure that I am able to offer the services and support you are looking for.

If you are looking for Preparation or Integration Counseling only (such as before or after a retreat you will be attending), we will schedule those sessions as we would counseling appointments.


If you are interested in Trip Sitting or Guide services, Preparation Sessions are required before your sacred ceremony. In almost all cases, the individual is responsible for providing their own sacred medicines and we can talk more about this during our consultation call.

During the preparation phase, we will develop an Integration Plan that will help you apply insights and experiences from your journey to your life after the ceremony. Integration is actually the most important part of the whole process and structured integration support is key to the healing and transformation that people are typically hoping for as a result of these experiences. I recommend at least 3 Integration Counseling sessions as part of all Integration Plans. 


I am committed to making safe sacred plant and mushroom medicine experiences accessible. Rates vary depending on the service and level of support you are looking for. Payment plans are available.

Trust the Path...

For Trip Sitting or Guide services, a Discovery Call is the first step. Contact me to setup a call!


If you are interested in Preparation and/or Integration Counseling only (and not Trip Sitting Services), email me to set up your first session. Scheduling is subject to my availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

While many questions are best answered during a Discovery Session, our FAQs page includes a few we get a lot. You can also email me with questions. If your questions are detailed or complex, I will recommend a Discovery Session to be able to fully address them. The two most common questions include:

Is this legal?

Our service is 100% legal. Trip Sitting is a harm reduction service. However, selling/buying/possessing and ingesting certain psychedelics in the United States is federally illegal and we do not provide or administer those. You are encouraged to review federal laws as well as research state and city laws to help you make the best decision for yourself. 

Who provides the medicine?

In most cases, the person who is journeying with the sacred plant medicine will be responsible for sourcing it and self-administering it. That means you. There are rare exceptions based on a plant's legal status, location of ceremony, and other factors. This topic is best discussed during a Discovery Session.

More Information

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