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The Mushroom Cave

A supportive space to learn about journeying with sacred plants and fungi as well as services to guide you along the way, including sacred journey "trip sitting" and integration counseling.


People have worked with sacred plants and mushrooms for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for thousands of years. A Sacred Medicine Ceremony can involve eating, drinking, or smoking a plant or mushroom, or it can involve connecting with a plant's energy or essence. Such ceremonies may bring clarity and healing through expanding our awareness, altering our state of consciousness, stimulating neurogenesis in the brain, repairing the nervous system, or deepening our sense of connection and belonging.

Plants and mushrooms that people engage with for spiritual or therapeutic purposes are often referred to as entheogens. There are hundreds of entheogens, but some that typically require guidance or support due to their psychoactive properties include:


Psilocybin mushrooms, Amanita muscaria mushrooms, Ayahuasca (DMT), and Peyote & San Pedro cactus.


Educational Workshops

Trip Sitting: Solo & Couples

Sacred Journey Guide

Group Ceremony

Integration Counseling

Microdosing Education

Trip Sitter Training


Our journey together starts with a brief phone call to explore your goals and ensure that I am able to offer the services and support you are looking for.


If you are looking for Preparation Support or Integration Counseling only, we can schedule those sessions as we would counseling appointments. These services are great if you are signed up for an international retreat or experience being led by someone else that doesn't include before or after care.


If you are interested in Trip Sitting or Ceremony Guide services, I will share the process and answer any questions you have during our phone call. Note that The Cavewoman Way does not provide access to any plants, mushrooms, or substances that are federally regulated or illegal. We can discuss this in more detail during our phone call.

Our Timeline

Discovery Call

Intention Setting

Preparation Sessions

Journey Ceremony

Integration Sessions


I am committed to making sacred medicine experiences safe and accessible. Your investment will vary depending on the activity and level of support you are looking for. Payment plans are available as needed. While your journey will be customized, you can view a menu of services and costs here:


Michelle is a Trauma-Informed Plant-Spirit Medicine Facilitator. She has completed apprenticeships and training with ceremonial elders and has personally sat with sacred medicines. She maintains an intimate relationship with nature and these medicines herself, spending a great deal of time alone in nature contemplating, camping, and in ceremony. In addition, she has PhD in Transpersonal Counseling, a soulful approach to healing that specializes in mystical, spiritual, and ceremonial experiences.


While many questions are best answered during a Discovery Session, The Mushroom Cave FAQs page includes a few we get a lot. You can also email me with questions. If your questions are detailed or complex, I will recommend a Discovery Session to be able to fully address them. The two most common questions include:

Is this legal?

Our service is 100% legal. Trip Sitting is a harm reduction service. However, selling/buying/possessing and ingesting certain psychedelics in the United States is federally illegal and we do not provide or administer those. You are encouraged to review federal laws as well as research state and city laws to help you make the best decision for yourself. 

Who provides the medicine?

In most cases, the person who is journeying with the sacred plant medicine will be responsible for sourcing the and self-administering. That means you. There are some exceptions based on a plant's legal status, location of ceremony, and other factors. This topic is best discussed during a Discovery Session.


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