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Soul-Centered Dreamwork

“The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul...” -Carl Jung

In Transpersonal Dreamwork, we shift from viewing dreams as something to analyze to viewing them as an invitation to engage in a deeper conversation with our soul or Self. Through imagination, working with dream images as messengers, and re-entering the dream through visualization, we learn the mystical language of the soul and we learn how to respond. Responding "keeps the conversation going", allowing us to explore and interact with the dream instead of just interpreting what we remember. Instead of "working on the dream", we let the dream "work on us", and in doing so we discover that dreams are actually doorways to an even deeper realm of wisdom and insight. This powerful approach, driven by curiosity and intuition, holds the potential for profound personal transformation.

Private Dreamwork Sessions


Learn to recognize dreams as invitations or callings


Learn to communicate with dream images, energies, and beings


Learn intuitive analysis skills 


Learn ways to determine what dream images, phrases, beings, or memories may have special meaning


Learn ways to revisit the dreamworld, explore specific parts of a dream in "slow motion", and allow the dream to continue to unfold 


Learn to bring dream energies, beings, and messengers into your waking life as a spiritual practice

Counseling Session Rates

Effective 9/1/2023

Per hour: $125

3-Session Package: $300

Email Michelle to schedule a virtual or in-person session:

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