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Dr. Michelle Rigling offers Transpersonal Counseling - a type of counseling that incorporates ancient wisdom and transpersonal practices. These practices take us beyond the mind and open the door to a deeper journey. The path that unfolds may not be an easy one, but it will be a meaningful one, and it will be authentically yours.


Michelle's approach to healing tends to a person's mental and emotional health and their spiritual wellness. Her specialties include trauma-informed spiritual counseling, eco-therapy, intuitive practices, and plant-spirit medicine (nature quests, plant rituals, and psychedelic integration). Learn more about specific practices by clicking on the links below or scroll down for more information about counseling rates, scheduling, and FAQs.

"May you have the courage to listen to the voice of desire that disturbs you when you have settled for something safe." -John O'Donohue

Private Sessions

2024 Rates

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1-Hour Sessions

(Counseling or Consulting)

*In-Person or Virtual*


Sacred Plant Medicine

(Plant Ceremony, Integration Coaching, Trip Sitting)


These services are highly customized and vary in cost, duration and structure. I offer a sliding scale and payment plans as I am able to those who need it. Email me for more information.

Custom Sessions

are available for clients who want longer sessions, nature immersions, camping preparation, or other custom services.


What is the difference between Transpersonal Counseling and Psychotherapy?


Transpersonal Counseling is a holistic approach to mental, emotional, and spiritual care. Transpersonal Counseling does not have a clinical focus and transpersonal counselors do not provide a mental health diagnosis, discuss medications, or collaborate with a client's psychiatrist. While Michelle is trained in several clinical interventions and traditional processing techniques, and will use them as appropriate, the goal of transpersonal counseling to explore alternative or unconventional healing modalities.

What are examples of Transpersonal Practices?


Transpersonal counseling often involves an eclectic and unconventional blend of practices. Guided meditation, breathwork and somatic resourcing may be used to support the nervous system and calm the body and mind.  In addition to deep conversations and reflections, sessions may involve nature immersion or eco-therapy, dreamwork, intuitive artwork, guided visualizations or journeying, plant-spirit medicine, or other activities that engage the intuitive, creative, or spiritual parts of our being.

Can Transpersonal Counseling help with Trauma?


Michelle Rigling, PhD offers trauma-informed counseling. She has education in neuropsychology, experience serving trauma-impacted individuals, and training in trauma-responsive practices such as Somatic Processing, Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, the Shamanic Paradigm of Trauma Recovery, and Trauma-Informed Plant-Spirit Medicine. Trauma recovery is often a multi-dimensional process and there can be value in working with both a clinical and a non-clinical practitioner. For clients who have a primary goal of addressing trauma, Michelle may offer supplementary service referrals for consideration.

How do I schedule a session?


To schedule a consultation call or your first session, email Michelle at

Email Michelle

For a phone consultation or to schedule your first session:

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