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Free Flow Chattanooga

FREE FLOW is a community program organized by members of The Chattanooga Red Tent that provides period products to people in Chattanooga who need help affording or accessing these supplies. Keep reading to learn more, make a referral, or get involved.

Why This Matters

According to The American Medical Women's Association, 25 million women in America live in poverty, and their menstrual products are not covered by food stamps. In addition, 35 states also charge a “Pink Tax” or “Tampon Tax” on top of the cost of sanitary products, further increasing the cost to vulnerable individuals. We believe that period products should be accessible to everyone who needs them.

FREE FLOW Core Beliefs

1. All people should have easy and affordable access to feminine hygiene and period products.

2. The cycles and seasons of women should be normalized and honored, from our monthly cycles to the seasons of the female body (from menstruation and motherhood to menopause).

3. People should have the chance to learn the herstory of period practices and moon time celebrations as an opportunity to understand and embrace the strength and power of the female body.


How It Works: The Basics

1. We collect period products (pads, tampons, menstrual cups, feminine wipes, etc.) at Red Tent gatherings and accept product donations from supporters in the community. We also accept cash donations for products or shipments (such as from Amazon).

2. We distribute these products monthly to shelters and other organizations that support people who are homeless or struggling financially. When supplies allow, we will also provide supplies directly to those who contact us who need assistance.

Make A Referral

If you, or someone you know, would like to request support, please complete the referral form at the bottom of this page. If we have exceeded the number of requests for assistance we can answer in a month, the form may temporarily be unavailable, or you many only be able to request assistance for future consideration. If the form is unavailable, you are always welcome to email us.


We Need Your Help: Ways to Get Involved

1. Donate! You can donate products, gift cards, or cash. 100% of cash donations go to purchasing products. This is a not-for-profit, volunteer-organized program. If you want to ship products to us, contact Michelle for more information.

2. Join the Free Flow Committee to help collect and/or deliver products or help with our marketing/social media efforts.

3. Spread the word and help us find community partners and reach others who want to donate to the program.


Future Plans

In addition to the core mission of providing period products to people in our community who cannot afford them, we also have some other exciting plans coming in 2021, such as gatherings, outreach, and education that will help people connect to the emotional and spiritual aspects of their cycle, learn about traditions that honor our cycles (such as the Moon Lodge and Red Tent), and discover ways to nourish and care for body and spirit during moon time. Stay tuned!

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