Ceremony: Rituals & Sacred Celebrations

Ceremony is very special medicine that can facilitate powerful healing, celebrate life transitions and rites of passage, and bring families and community together in deep and meaningful ways. Examples of offerings include:


Plant-Spirit Healing Ceremonies

Cave Immersion Ceremonies

House Blessings & Clearings

Wheel of the Year Rituals

New/Full Moon Rituals

Rites of Passage Ceremonies

Michelle offers community ceremonies and works privately with people who want to create private personal rituals and celebrations. Email her to learn more.

"I am clearing a space here, where the trees stand back. I am making a circle so open the moon will fall in love and stroke these grasses with her silver." -Morgan Farley

Ceremony Packages

Cost and/or Exchange varies based on location, intention, and other factors. Contact Michelle to discuss options.

Contact Michelle by email: