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Counseling & Retreats

"Climb up to the cave. Crawl through the window of a dream. Sift through the desert and see what you find... Go gather bones." -Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés


The Cave is a place for wisdom seekers, wild hearts, wanderers, and anyone who desires a deeper, more meaningful life. You'll find integrative counseling, nature-based workshops and immersive retreats, plant-spirit medicine, dreamwork, and trauma-informed soul care. Dr. Michelle Rigling is the founder of The Cavewoman Way. She offers in-person counseling in Chattanooga, TN as well as virtual sessions by request.

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Michelle in the Wild: Caving in Utah

Michelle Rigling, PhD

Michelle is doctorate-level Transpersonal Counselor, Certified Eco-Therapy Guide, and Trauma-Informed Plant Spirit Medicine Facilitator who is board-certified. She offers counseling and events that integrate nature, depth psychology, and many soul-centered practices. Her goal is to empower others as they reclaim their own life, reconnect with self and spirit, and navigate life's challenges in a mindful and authentic way. With curiosity and intuition as her allies, she holds space for hard questions, holistic recovery, spiritual questing, and whole-self healing.

The Cavewoman Way

Imagine a world where we are all connected to the intuitive and wise one within, where we have access to wild and inspiring places, and have time for solitude and communion with nature.


Imagine a future where we are all empowered as stewards of the earth and our divine relationship with Mother Nature has been restored.


Imagine having opportunities to connect with the seasons and cycles of nature and develop true companionships with earth, air, water and fire. 


Imagine a community where you can be fully yourself, where your unique gifts are honored, where you are valued and accepted just as you are, and where you have the support to be curious, ask bold questions, and explore.


Imagine yourself co-creating this reality with others walking a similar path.


This is The Cavewoman Way.

"In the out-of-the-way places of the heart, where your thoughts never think to wander, this beginning has been quietly forming, waiting until you were ready to emerge."

-John O'Donohue

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Artwork by Brian MacGregor, commissioned art for The Cavewoman Way, LLC and used with permission. 

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