The Cavewoman Way

Retreats, Circles and Counseling by

Michelle Rigling, CLC, MBA, M.Sc.

"Climb up to the cave. Crawl through the window of a dream.  Sift through the desert and see what you find... Go gather bones."

-Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

About The Cavewoman Way

The Cavewoman Way invites you to follow the curiosity of your spirit, embrace the darkness, gaze into the fire, wait, listen, and remember. We come together to witness each other's journey, offer support, and find nourishment for both body and soul through talking circles, Retreats, and other events. Private services are available for both women and men wanting a deeper level of support or individualized services. 

Services Offered

The Cavewoman Way offers Retreats, Circles, Coaching, and Transpersonal Counseling in Southeast Tennessee. Services offer both people the time and opportunity for reflection, soulful discussions, and support in connecting to the feminine, introspective, intuitive parts of themselves. The Cavewoman Way is directed by Michelle Rigling. You may know her from her other events such as The Red Tent, The Midsouth women's Herbal Conference, and Celebrate Your Existence. Read more about her on the Cavewoman Tab.

"Michelle's gatherings have given me a safe and supportive space to feel like I can be 100% authentic and not be judged for it. I am welcomed as I am. Sharing my experiences with others that understand me and don’t judge me has been cathartic and healing. These gatherings are what I most look forward to because it truly fills my cup so I can be more for my family and others. It is something you can do for yourself to replenish and recharge. It is an act of self love with intention, ceremony, and connection." -A.G. 

Highlighted Events & Services

Spring Cleaning for the Spirit Organizing and Space Clearing Home Sessions

Do you feel the urge to declutter, reorganize and purge but don't know where to start? Organizing and de-cluttering is not just a physical task; it can be overwhelming, emotional, and frustrating. Let me support you with a unique blend of coaching, home organization, and intentional release work that honors your home, emotions, and spirit.

CaveTime Blog and Videos

Pre-Launch Video From Michelle 

Story Time: Michelle Reads La Loba


The Cave of Wisdom Meditation

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