The Cavewoman Way

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Michelle Rigling, PhD, M.Sc.

"Climb up to the cave. Crawl through the window of a dream.  Sift through the desert and see what you find... Go gather bones."

-Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

About The Cavewoman Way

The Cavewoman Way is about returning to a wilder, simpler, more intuitive way of living. Through retreats, counseling, and soulful gatherings, we are invited to follow the curiosity of our spirit, embrace the darkness, Listen, and remember. We come together to witness each other's journey and find healing for both body and soul.

Services Offered

Michelle Rigling, PhD, M.Sc., MBA offers counseling, retreats, circles and spiritual ceremonies. She provides in-person services in Chattanooga, TN and is also available for virtual counseling sessions.

"Michelle's gatherings have given me a safe and supportive space to feel like I can be 100% authentic and not be judged for it. I am welcomed as I am. Sharing my experiences with others that understand me and don’t judge me has been cathartic and healing. These gatherings fill my cup so I can be more for my family and others. It is something you can do for yourself to replenish and recharge. It is an act of self love with intention, ceremony, and connection." -AG 

Highlighted Events & Services

Transpersonal Counseling

*Accepting New Clients*

Transpersonal Counseling is a blend of depth psychology, traditional counseling, and alternative forms of healing such as energetic, somatic, and intuitive practices. At its core, Transpersonal Counseling helps people build intuitive and spiritual skills, reconnect to their body's wisdom, and remain mindful and intentional as they navigate life's challenges. Transpersonal Counseling is often a good match for people looking for an unconventional approach to healing or something beyond talk therapy.

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Artwork by Brian MacGregor, commissioned art for The Cavewoman Way, LLC and used with permission.