As Above So Below

Winter Solstice Cave Journey 

December 16-18, 2022


"In the beginning, there was She. She was nature's primordial pulse, the pan-elemental alchemy of birth; the fertile void of death; and the mysterious, enduring, and numinous cosmic infinite... Sister, we do not always find Her in the light. Sometimes, we find Her in the dark."

-Danielle Dulsky, The Holy Wild


As Above So Below is an invitation to descend into the sacred darkness of Mother Earth and open ourselves up to primal wisdom, cosmic belonging, and transformation. Our journey will take place in a cave that has a herstory of sacred ceremony, where women from generations past gathered on the Winter Solstice for ritual, prayer, and celebration. We become part of this lineage as we walk in their footsteps and return to the womb of Mother Earth.


As we surrender to the cave journey, we learn to trust our "inner vision" and open ourselves up to mystery. In this underground cauldron, we reconnect with our own wild nature, recover the forgotten songs of our soul, and dare to reclaim the wisdom buried deep in our bones. We join the cosmic sisterhood of mystics, priestesses, shamanesses, and dreamers who have danced with darkness and returned to the light with something true, beautiful, and uniquely their own. 

Weekend Highlights

Cave Journey & Drumming
Solstice Feast & Cocktails
Winter Ghost Stories
Cozy Conversations

Time to Rest & Recharge

Solstice Sleepover

Yule Inspired Breakfast


*Depends on Bed Choice*

Private Bed/Room: $575

Single Bed, Shared Room: $495

Cot/Air Mattress: $450


Cave Journey,

Friday Loding and Dinner,

Saturday Lodging and Dinner,

and Sunday Breakfast.

Event Description

Our weekend begins on Friday night, as we all settle in at our cottage and start preparing for our time in the cave. A simple dinner will be provided and there will be time for rest, sisterhood, and cozy conversations.


Saturday morning offers you the flexibility to sleep in, take a walk, read or journal before heading to the site of our cave journey after lunch. Saturday breakfast and lunch are on your own. You can bring your own food or choose to eat at a local cafe or restaurant. Our cave journey will begin around 1:30pm and end around 5:00pm. We will spend time outside of the cave grounding ourselves and setting intentions, as well as reviewing safety protocols.


We will enter the cave together, leaving behind the middle world and descending into the underworld. Our journey will include a half-mile walk underground to the cavern’s spacious "reflection room". Our cave circle will include drumming, meditation, chanting, and Listening with all of our senses.


After we exit the cave, we will gather for a reflection circle and closing ceremony before going back to the cottage. Then, let the Solstice festivities begin! There will be a delicious dinner with cider and cocktails, storytelling, and the freedom to relax or even go to bed early if that's what sounds good to you.

Sunday morning, there will be a yule-inspired breakfast before departures.

Your Guides


Michelle is the founder of The Cavewoman Way. She is a Transpersonal Counselor and Ceremonialist with experience leading Plant Spirit Journeys, Soul-centered Dreamwork, Women's Circles, Ceremonial Drumming, and Nature-Based Retreats. To learn more about Michelle, visit THE CAVEWOMAN tab.


Heather is an herbalist and nature-based ritualist. Her experience leading goddess-centered rituals as a priestess and her intimate relationships with plants and nature guide her in her own journey and support her work as a healer and guide. 

FAQs & More Info

ATTENDANCE: We want participants to join us for the full experience, however, attendees must attend the full program on Saturday, arriving no later than 12pm CST and staying through our Solstice Supper Saturday evening. Once our cave journey starts, the entry gate to the property will be locked and late arrivals will not be allowed. Refunds nor credits are available to those who are unable to attend due to running late.

TECHNOLOGY: Participants will be expected to disconnect from cell phones and technology during Saturday's Cave Journey and program.

LOCATION: All activities will take place in Fort Payne, AL. You will receive an exact address and driving directions after registration.

AGE CRITERIA: Participants must be 18 years old, unless written permission is obtained from the host.

CAVE TERRAINWe will walk 0.5 miles into the cave, for a roundtrip distance of 1 mile. The terrain is packed dirt that can become slightly muddy depending on the moisture level so hiking shoes are recommended. The terrain ascends and descends throughout the walk. While the walk is not strenuous, there are many steps, and the walk may not be safe for those with mobility issues or back/knee/ankle concerns. 

TIME IN CAVE: Up to 2.5 hours

RESTROOMS: There are no restrooms in the cave. We will take multiple restroom breaks before going into the cave for this reason. Once we are inside, all participants are expected to remain with the group until we exit together.

WHAT TO WEAR: This information will be provided in your attendee packet.

WHAT TO BRING: Basic items include a journal, a frame/buffalo drum (if you have one), a camp chair or blanket, and a flashlight. Other items will be detailed in your attendee packet. 

PARKING: Parking is free onsite. The parking area is a mix of gravel and grass.

LODGING: Friday and Saturday lodging and dinner both nights are included in your registration. You will have the option to select your bed choice during registration. 

REFUND POLICY: As Above So Below has a no-refund and no-credit policy, with the exception of the event itself being cancelled by the host. If the event is cancelled, you will receive a full refund. If you cannot attend, you may transfer your registration to another woman up to 5 days before the date of the quest. Last minute transfers are not available. 

RISK: Our cave journey will involve a moderate half-mile walk through a real cave, spending time in complete darkness, and interacting with the elements. Each of these activities comes with a variety of risks. While we do our best to inform participants of risks and keep everyone safe, participants assume all risks, known and unknown, and will be required to sign a liability waiver before we begin our activities. 

SAFETY: While there is no way to fully prepare for what you will experience, any physical or mental health concerns should be disclosed to the guides before your arrival. In addition, recreational drugs and consciousness-altering substances are not allowed.

COVID & HEALTH: Protocols will be based on state and local mandates at the time. We do not require vaccines to attend cave events, however we strongly recommend testing during the 72 hours preceding the quest and welcome the use of masks at all times during the event. Do not attend if you have any contagious illness or related concerns. If you test positive for COVID the week before the quest, please contact us. We do not guarantee a refund or transfer, but we will work with you to see what options exist at that time.


Please email Michelle Rigling @ Due to Michelle's event and travel schedule, please allow 3-5 days for a reply. We thank you for your patience.