Transpersonal Counseling 

Provided by Michelle Rigling, PhD, M.Sc., CLC, MBA

Transpersonal Counseling, a blend of depth psychology, traditional counseling, and spiritual practices that empower and bring balance to the whole self while also honoring our emotions, experiences, and dis-eases as teachers and healers themselves. Transpersonal Counseling opens the door to deep inner work while taking a different approach to common life challenges and health complaints such as the ones below. When we look at everything as a teacher or messenger, and learn how to interact with them from a place of curiosity, gratitude, and self-trust, radical transformation can result from even exceptionally difficult circumstances. The path that unfolds may not be an easy one, but it will be a deeply meaningful one, and, it will be authentically yours.

Stress and Anxiety

Fatigue and Burnout

Navigating Life Transitions

Self-Care and Boundaries

Core Wounds

Identify Issues and Questions

Spiritual Wellness 

Releasing, Grieving, and Loss

Authentic Relationships

Restlessness & Melancholy

Belonging and Self-Acceptance

Private Session Rates

Effective 1/4/2022

Counseling, Coaching & Consultations:

Per hour: $95.00

3-Session Package: $240.00