Wise Woman Wolf Crop

The Cave

The cave is a place of deep reflection, remembering, and reclaiming the soul's voice.

The Cave can be a cocoon, a portal, or a place of creative destruction. It is the Ritual Room of the Goddess and a wombspace for rebirth. The cave is where we encounter the Wise One, the One Who Knows, and our deepest, most authentic self.

With the cave as a guide and metaphor, we work to "gather the bones" of our own stories and collect the missing or suppressed parts of our beings. We sit in circle together to witness each other's journey, offer support, and find nourishment for both body and soul. 

Events offered by The Cavewoman Way are often inspired by myths and stories of the Wild Woman, such as "La Loba", featured in Women Who Run with the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Hear Michelle Read this story in CaveTime.