Spring Cleaning For the Spirit

Home Organizing and Space Clearing Sessions

Limited Time Specials:

March 1 - May 31, 2021

Do you feel the urge to declutter, reorganize and purge but don't know where to start?

Cleaning and clearing is not just a physical task; it can be overwhelming, emotional, and frustrating. While it may feel good to throw some stuff out, other things are hard to let go of and it is helpful to take time for the process of releasing with intention and even gratitude.


Everyone deserves their own clutter-free cave, a home where they can relax and be at peace. If you would like someone to help you get started, and (literally) work beside you as you declutter and clean a particular space or room in your house, these sessions have been created with you in mind. Let me support you with a unique blend of coaching, home organization, and intentional release work that honors your home, emotions, and spirit.

Options & Packages

Consultation and DIY Plan $89

Includes a home visit (or virtual session), a coaching session dedicated to removing barriers and staying motivated, and the co-development of DIY Space Clearing Plan (1.5 hours)

Designed for those wanting to do most of the work themselves, but need a jump start and accountability partner.


Space Clearing Packages

3 hours: $199 (1-2 days)

5 hours: $279 (1-2 days)

8 hours: $399 (2-3 days)

Each package includes a planning call, onsite coaching and    de-clutter assistance for the # of hours stated, spread out over the # of days noted, plus check-in calls between sessions.

Home Clearing & Blessing Ceremony

This ritual can involve you or the entire family. Traditional herbs are chosen for protection, cleansing, and blessing your home and are burned as part of this special ceremony. In addition, grounding, words of intention, and rituals of gratitude are weaved together to make this a meaningful experience.

Available as a gift!

Ceremony Only: $149

As an Add-On Service: $89

Ceremony: up to 2 hours

*Special Note: White Sage is not used in this ceremony. Instead, we work with herbs native to the Southeastern US as well as plants found in Celtic protection rituals and blessing traditions.

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