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Community SoulWork Circles

 SoulWork Circles are a space for all adults, inclusive of all genders and identities, to come together for spiritual questing, wisdom seeking, embracing mystery, and reconnecting to our intuitive nature. Our circles are inspired by passages from the book, Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche by Dr. Bill Plotkin. 

Our Last circle was April 15, 2022.

Check back for future circles.

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Past Soulcraft-Inspired Circles

November 2020:

Raven & New Beginnings


December 2020:

Bear & Reconnection

January 2021:

Wolf & the Instinctual Nature

February 2021:

Spider & Balance 

March 2021:

Narwhal & Individuality

April 2021:

Snake & Transformation

December 2021:

Shadow & Light

February 2022:

Sacred Geography

March 2022:

Doorways to Soul

April 2022:

The Raven & The Mystic



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