Work with Michelle

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My Philosophy

 I believe that we must give all parts of ourselves a voice, from our emotional, social, and physical selves to our spiritual, intuitive, and creative selves. Transformation happens when the whole self is seen, heard and valued. My focus is to facilitate the process of you uncovering of your own truth, reconnecting to your own wisdom, and reclaiming your own power. I hold space for this journey as it unfolds and will help you find relief, experience more peace, and discover meaning in the midst of whatever you are going through. While I am known as The Cavewoman, I work with men, women, and non-binary people. The Cave is a welcoming and supportive space for ALL people, a place where all humans can be vulnerable, honest, expressive, and authentic. In our quest to explore the full human experience, no topic is off limits and what we do during our time together is determined by your personal goals and needs. Read on to learn about the different services I offer, from Transpersonal and spiritual counseling and coaching to retreat planning and ceremony.


Private Session Rates

Counseling, Coaching & Consultations:

Per hour: $85.00

3-Session Package: $200.00

Facilitation, Retreats & Training:

Rates vary. Contact me to discuss.

Transpersonal Counseling 

Counseling sessions are welcoming and affirming of all people, including all identities and expressions. Transpersonal Counseling is a therapeutic approach that honors the spirit, pairing energetic and spiritual forms of healing with modern counseling practices and contemporary psychology. At its core, Transpersonal Counseling is a form of spiritual counseling that focuses on staying true to oneself while building spiritual and intuitive skills. Transpersonal Counseling helps individuals reconnect to their intuition and wisdom, honor their own values and beliefs, and remain mindful and intentional as they navigate life's challenges.


Transpersonal Counseling can help with:

-Reconnecting to Self

-Setting Boundaries

-Navigating Life Transitions

-Stress and Anxiety

-Career Shifts and Burnout

-Self-Trust and Acceptance

-Self Care and Empowerment

-Identify Issues and Questions

-Spiritual Wellness 

-Releasing, Grieving, and Loss

-Mindfulness and Intentionality 

-Discernment and Decision Making

-Authentic Relationships

 If you desire, spiritual practices and other healing arts can be weaved into sessions, such as:


-Meditation and Visualization

-Personal Ceremony

-Transpersonal Journeys

-Rhythm, Movement, or Drumming

-Intuitive Arts


Life Coaching

During Coaching sessions, I listen deeply and bring an open mind and heart to our time together. Your needs determine how we spend our time and if you aren't sure exactly what you want to talk about, I can help you narrow that down. It is common for clients to reach out to me when they feel unfulfilled, stuck, or overwhelmed, yet are not really sure why or know where to start. I'll walk beside you and we'll figure it out together. I teach self awareness and mindfulness strategies that can help you stay in the moment as we explore whatever topics you'd like to discuss and I offer tools and resources that will improve your day to day life and support you in your healing journey. I bring over 9 years of Life/Wellness/Recovery Coaching to our partnership as well as experience with over 300 clients.

Esoteric Consultations

A unique service I offer includes helping people, including children, recognize, connect to, and understand their spiritual gifts and experiences. Many of us are aware of our unique abilities and intuitive wisdom. For others, this remains to be discovered or we have lost touch with that part of ourselves somewhere along the way, perhaps through the discouragement of a non-believing adult or society's conditioning. From the child who believes they see or feel spiritual beings, to someone who has clairvoyant or clairaudient abilities, to the woman who hears plants speaking to her, to the man who dreams the future, at some point each of these individuals is regarded as "weird", judged as a fraud, or told that what they are experiencing is not real. Sometimes it feels good just to share stories of these experiences. I'm here for that! However, I can also offer tools to help you discover or embrace your gifts, strengthen your abilities, and find deeper meaning in the experiences and encounters that you have.

Ceremony: Rituals & Sacred Celebrations

Personal ceremony is dear to my heart. I believe that ceremony is a very special medicine that can offer an abundance of healing. I help people create private rituals to release what no longer serves them, reconnect to themselves or the Divine, and remember lost wisdom. For example, a self-forgiveness or self-acceptance ceremony can be a powerful ally during times of uncertainty, loss, or life transitions (like divorce). Personal ceremony can also be incorporated into the process of healing trauma or reclaiming one's body. I also help individuals craft rituals for themed retreats they are planning. I plan group ceremonies and rituals for Wheel of the Year holidays, New Moons and Full Moons, and rites of passage celebrations. I am an ordained minister and typically reserve my officiant services for those wanting a ceremony that is highly individualized, unconventional, spiritual/metaphysical, or a bit eccentric. 

Important Information about Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care

Counseling and services offered by The Cavewoman Way are trauma-informed, meaning that I have an understanding of various types of trauma and trauma's effects on the body, mind, and spirit. My education, experience with trauma-impacted individuals, and additional training enables me to modify the services I offer in a way that makes them sensitive to trauma's potential impact on an individual, regardless of the issue we are navigating in counseling.


When it comes to trauma-specific care, my philosophy holds that healing from and releasing trauma is a multi-dimensional process. There are clinical, medical/psychiatric, somatic, and spiritual approaches to working through trauma. Many people experience transformation only through a blend of two or more of these. While Transpersonal Counseling can be one piece of a person's healing journey, other treatment and support is often important to consider. For clients who have a primary goal of working through trauma or who are experiencing persistent trauma-related symptoms, I recommend trauma-specific therapy with a licensed, clinical professional and/or Somatic Experiencing to ensure a holistic and effective plan of treatment. I am happy to provide referrals to ensure access to these options.