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The Sacred Fire

A Spiritual Circle for all Adults

LGBTQIA+ Affirming

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June Sacred Fire Circle

June 30, 2023


6209 Lee Hwy (Chattanooga)

June is our first Sacred Fire circle!

The Sacred Fire is a council circle focused on discussing and integrating spiritual insights and mystical experiences such as transpersonal meditation, divination, vision quests, plant-spirit ceremonies, spiritual retreats, dreams, and altered states of consciousness. When experiences offer us profound insights or radically shift our perspectives, finding support for the journey and integrating those insights can be a challenge. Together we co-create an intentional community that honors these experiences and allows us to share personal reflections in an encouraging, non-judgmental space. Whether you are seeking support for a more authentic journey or you are looking for a community of like-spirited friends, you are welcome at The Sacred Fire.


Wisdom of the Fire Keeper

In ceremony, the role of the Fire Keeper is incredibly important. In our Sacred Fire circles, we are all Fire Keepers, co-creating a "community fire" that stokes, stirs, and warms the soul. During our June circle, we will explore what it means to be a Fire Keeper and how we can tend to both the community fire as well as our own inner flame. As we learn to honor the fire within, we will learn ways to hold space for each other.

Group Size:

June's circle is open to 13 adults.


Is any experience needed to attend?

No experience is needed. The Sacred Fire is open to any adult wanting to deepen their spiritual practice, participate in a soulful community, or find support for integrating healing insights or mystical experiences.


What is a "council" circle?

A council circle follows a philosophy known as The Way of Council, a way of speaking and listening that creates a non-judgmental, safe space that honors each person's unique experiences, insights, and offerings. A sacred agreement offers guidelines for co-creating safe space and there is typically a special item (such as a "talking stone") that is passed around to designate whose turn it is to speak while everyone else listens. We practice speaking from the heart and listening with the heart, fully showing up for each person's journey and story. There is no obligation to talk and those who do share will find a welcoming, interested circle of listeners who will honor what they have to say.

Is this a women's circle?

No. The Sacred Fire is open to adults of all genders. The (Chattanooga) Sacred Fire is LGBTQIA+ affirming.

What if I still have questions?

Please email Michelle with any questions you have: 

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