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There are no Sacred Fire Circles Scheduled at this time.

Check back for updates!

The Sacred Fire

Integration Circle for all Adults

LGBTQIA+ Affirming

The Sacred Fire is an Integration Circle and Education Group focused on sharing, processing, and integrating spiritual and mystical experiences such as plant-spirit ceremonies and sacred psychedelics, vision quests, and spiritual retreats. At The Sacred Fire, we co-create opportunities to remember, reflect, honor and integrate our mystical experiences.


Is any experience needed to attend?

No specific experience is required, however our group does have the specific purpose of co-creating a supportive space for integrating transformative spiritual and mystical experiences such as plant-spirit or sacred psychedelic journeys, vision quests, or spiritual retreats. We ask that those attending be aligned with this purpose.

What is Integration Coaching?

A mystical experience such as a plant-spirit ceremony or quest is just the first step the journey. Integration and the application of wisdom, insights, messages, and visions to our daily lives is the where the "work" really is. However, integration is challenging without support, affirmation and accountability. It is easy to slide back into old patterns and routines or feel too overwhelmed to implement the changes we feel drawn to. Integration coaching is a blend of encouragement, facilitated reflections, and guided discussions meant to help you stay on the path and honor your experience.

Is this a women's circle?

No. The Sacred Fire is open to all adults. The (Chattanooga) Sacred Fire is LGBTQIA+ affirming.

What if I still have questions?

Please email Michelle with any questions you have: 

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