Women's Red Tent Series

In Person & Virtual

The Red Tent is a place of self-care and rest, multi-generational wisdom sharing, bold conversations, and celebrating the cycles of both women and the moon. The Red Tent offers safe space for the female body as well as a place to embrace its cycles and seasons as sacredThe Chattanooga Red Tent was founded in 2017 and we've had over 40 gatherings.

Upcoming Red Tent Gatherings:

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Wolf Moon Women's Circle and Archetype Ritual

January Red Tent

January 18 @ 6:30-9pm

In Person

"Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing."
- Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés 

Our first women’s circle of 2022 will be under the Full Wolf Moon! You don’t want to miss this one. There will be writing, story medicine, drumming, and, of course, howling.

In addition to exploring the themes of the Wolf Moon, we’ll work with a set of wolf archetype journaling cards, created by Michelle, in our writing ritual and share our reflections in circle with one another.

This women’s circle is intended for ages 16 and older. Registration is limited to 13 women. While no refunds or credits are available, you may transfer or gift your registration to another woman.

Bring a notebook, a cup for tea, and if you'd like to make your space super cozy, bring extra blankets or pillows.


Imbolc Cacao Ceremony & Journey to the Heart Cave

February Red Tent

February 1 @ 6:30-8:45pm

In Person

As the Wheel of the Year turns towards the light of Spring, we pause to honor the light within. Sacred days like Imbolc are precious opportunities for us to tend to our inner landscapes and Cacao is the perfect plant ally for this work.

Cacao is often called the “medicine of love” and helps open pathways for self-connection, creativity, and healing. Unlike some ceremonial plants that may transport us to another “world” or take us on a spiritual trip, Cacao grounds us deeply into the present moment, allowing us to reconnect with ourselves and journey inward. Our ceremony will be a special way to tend to our inner fire, open our hearts, and invite more peace and joy into our lives.

Every cacao ceremony is different. In our ceremony, we will embrace the ancient practice of working with Cacao as a sacred ally who can help us journey to the inner world (the Heart Cave) for wisdom, guidance, and clarity. New members welcome!

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Past Red Tent Events

  • July 2017: Film Screening of "Things We Don't Talk About" + Discussion

  • August 2017: Nourishment and Radical Self Care

  • September 2017: Wisdom-Wisdom of the Girl Child & Wisdom of the Wise Woman

  • October 2017: Body Love: Loving our Goddess Bodies

  • November 2017: When the Drummers Were Women

  • December 2017: Comfort and Joy

  • January 2018: Endings & Beginnings

  • February 2018: Matters of the Heart

  • March 2018: Reclaiming What is Ours

  • April 2018: Gifts of Mother Nature

  • April 2018: Red Tent & Moon Lodge at Midsouth Women's Herbal Conference

  • May 2018: Movie & Discussion

  • June 2018: The Heroine's Journey

  • July 2018: Happiness + Celebration Drum Circle

  • August 2018: Honoring Your Rhythm + Drum Circle

  • September 2018: Awakening Your Muse-Creativity and Self  Expression

  • November 2018: Rest and Retreat

  • December 2018: Metamorphosis

  • December 2019: Winter Wisdom & Wise Ways of Seeing in the Dark

  • February 2020: The Creative Fire/Imbolc

  • February 2020: Reconnection

  • March 2020: Connection & Protection

  • April 2020: Embracing the Present Moment

  • May 2020: New Moon Magic

  • June 2020: The Spirit of Summer

  • July 2020: Belonging

  • August 2020: The Wise Woman Body

  • September 2020: Honoring Women's Voices

  • October 2020: Magic and Mystery

  • November 2020: Holiday Intentions and Seasonal Nourishment

  • December 2020: Solstice Storytelling and Gifts of the Dark

  • January 2021: Sacred Invitations

  • March 2021: Dark Moon Musings

  • April 2021: Experiential Plant Medicine Ceremony (MSWHC)

  • April 2021: Honoring the Wisdom Keepers

  • May 2021: Among the Wildflowers (Lunar Infusions and New Moon Ritual)

  • June 2021: Holding Space and Finding Community

  • June 2021: The Solar Feminine (Solstice Red Tent)

  • July 2021: Blessing Moon Water Ceremony

  • August 2021: The Altar of Creativity

  • September 2021: Goddess Craft Night + Herstory

  • October 2021: The Cave and The Cauldron

  • November 2021: Sacred Sound and Song + Self Care

Red Tent Web Resources

Red Tent Book Resources

  • The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

  • Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent

  • Burning Woman by Lucy Pearce

  • Moon Time by Lucy Pearce

  • Red Moon by Miranda Gray

  • The Millionth Circle by Jean Shinoda Bolen

Free Flow Chattanooga Program

We believe all people should have easy and affordable access to feminine hygiene and period products. We also believe that the seasons and cycles of women should be normalized and honored. These beliefs create the foundation of FREE FLOW, a program sponsored by The Chattanooga Red Tent that offers period and feminine hygiene products to people in the Chattanooga area who need them.