2021 Women's Red Tent Series

In Person & Virtual

The Red Tent is a place of self-care and rest, multi-generational wisdom sharing, bold conversations, and celebrating the cycles seasons of both Mother Earth and the female body. Red Tent circles are open to all who identify as female or woman. The Chattanooga Red Tent is part of The Red Tent Movement, one of hundreds of Red Tent circles round the world. It is a place where we can come together to "just be" and connect. We also take time to discuss things we sometimes can't talk about anywhere else . We are committed to creating an open, accepting environment free of judgment or expectations to "do" anything. Sharing in the talking circle is always optional and first-time attendees are welcome. The Chattanooga Red Tent was founded in 2017 and we have had over 35 gatherings.

Upcoming Red Tent Gatherings:

June Virtual Red Tent

"The Solar Feminine: Celebrating the Summer Solstice with Archetype and Ritual


Thursday, June 17, 2021

7:00pm-9:00pm EDT 

The Solar Feminine fiercely protects what she most passionately loves, whether it is children, Mother Earth and all her creations, freedom, land, or justice. She is a Warrior led by her heart and intuition, not the over-culture, oppressive traditions, or the demands of others. She prioritizes gratitude and reciprocity, sets limits and boundaries, chooses hope over fear, and is just and honorable in her use of power. The rise of the Feminine we are seeing around the globe is partially due to the reawakening of this Solar Goddess energy, and tapping into this energy can help us remember our power and stand firm in the face of adversity. After discussing the Solar Feminine and exploring how to connect with the Wise Warrior within, we will take time to discuss rituals for the summer solstice that offer ways to work with this energy. Michelle will offer tips on creating your own rituals and then there will be time to plan your own ritual for the Summer Solstice and share ideas in our circle. Registration is $15 each.

Art: Primal Water from Plant Spirit Oracle

July Red Tent

Blessing Moon Circle & Water Ritual

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

6:30pm -9:00pm EDT (Social Time @ 6pm)

3813 Dayton Blvd, Chattanooga

Join us in the Red Tent for a special circle inspired by July’s “Blessing Moon” and the sacred element of water. Water is life giving, healing, connecting, powerful, and nourishing. The same is true of women and the feminine. Our Red Tent is also many of these things! July’s circle will embrace water as a healer, teacher and guide and offer all of us the opportunity and inspiration to connect to the wisdom and sacred waters within ourselves.

Our intuitively crafted ritual will include a plant-spirit meditation and the ceremonial steaming and sipping of a special organic tea, appropriately named “Blessings” by its creatrix: Leah at High Garden Tea. Leah is a Tennessee tea crafter and herbalist known for her heirloom and wildcrafted teas as well as her magical connection to nature. Through this unique experience we will bless our space, our bodies, and each other, and we will invite self-love, healing, peace, and gratitude into our lives through imagination, remembering and reflective writing.



*Journal or notebook

*Empty mug or cup for tea ritual

*Optional: an item for our “water” altar such as a stone, seashell, card or trinket, etc. (you will take your item back home with you)

*Optional: an extra floor pillow for comfort

REGISTRATION: Sliding scale starting at $10.00. Space is limited; advanced registration is required.

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Past Red Tent Events

  • July 2017: Film Screening of "Things We Don't Talk About" + Discussion

  • August 2017: Nourishment and Radical Self Care

  • September 2017: Wisdom-Wisdom of the Girl Child & Wisdom of the Wise Woman

  • October 2017: Body Love: Loving our Goddess Bodies

  • November 2017: When the Drummers Were Women

  • December 2017: Comfort and Joy

  • January 2018: Endings & Beginnings

  • February 2018: Matters of the Heart

  • March 2018: Reclaiming What is Ours

  • April 2018: Gifts of Mother Nature

  • April 2018: Red Tent & Moon Lodge at Midsouth Women's Herbal Conference

  • May 2018: Movie & Discussion

  • June 2018: The Heroine's Journey

  • July 2018: Happiness + Celebration Drum Circle

  • August 2018: Honoring Your Rhythm + Drum Circle

  • September 2018: Awakening Your Muse-Creativity and Self  Expression

  • November 2018: Rest and Retreat

  • December 2018: Metamorphosis

  • December 2019: Winter Wisdom & Wise Ways of Seeing in the Dark

  • February 2020: The Creative Fire/Imbolc

  • February 2020: Reconnection

  • March 2020: Connection & Protection

  • April 2020: Embracing the Present Moment

  • May 2020: New Moon Magic

  • June 2020: The Spirit of Summer

  • July 2020: Belonging

  • August 2020: The Wise Woman Body

  • September 2020: Honoring Women's Voices

  • October 2020: Magic and Mystery

  • November 2020: Holiday Intentions and Seasonal Nourishment

  • December 2020: Solstice Storytelling and Gifts of the Dark

  • January 2021: Sacred Invitations

  • March 2021: Dark Moon Musings

  • April 2021: Experiential Plant Medicine Ceremony (MSWHC)

  • April 2021: Honoring the Wisdom Keepers

  • May 2021: Among the Wildflowers (Lunar Infusions and New Moon Ritual)

Red Tent Web Resources

Red Tent Book Resources

  • The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

  • Wild Feminine by Tami Lynn Kent

  • Burning Woman by Lucy Pearce

  • Moon Time by Lucy Pearce

  • Red Moon by Miranda Gray

  • The Millionth Circle by Jean Shinoda Bolen

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Free Flow Chattanooga Program

We believe all people should have easy and affordable access to feminine hygiene and period products. We also believe that the seasons and cycles of women should be normalized and honored. These beliefs create the foundation of FREE FLOW, a program sponsored by The Chattanooga Red Tent that offers period and feminine hygiene products to people in the Chattanooga area who need them.