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The Mushroom Cave


Rates are valid through Winter 2023/2024. Payment plans and custom packages are available. 


Discovery Session: $50

Prep Sessions: $100/hr

Trip Sitting: $850/day

Solo Retreat: $1600+/overnight

Integration Counseling: $100/hr

Microdose Mentoring: Varies

Trip Sitting & Solo Retreat rates are based on cash payment. Please add 20% if using any other payment method.


Discovery sessions can take place virtually or in my Chattanooga office.

PREPARATION: $100/hour

Typically 2 preparation sessions are needed before trip sitting or a ceremony can take place. In these sessions, we talk about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual preparation as well as discuss setting, intentions, and after-care support. (Preparation sessions are also available to those who plan to journey alone or with friends and want assistance with planning).


Includes Trip Sitting (8 hours) + Ceremony Guidance

Not Included: My travel

Pre-requisites: Application, Discovery Session,

Preparation Sessions, and Commitment to Integration Services.


Includes 2 days/1 night of Ceremony & Support

Not Included: My travel and Lodging

This immersive experience is what many people have in mind when they think of a plant spirit medicine ceremony. I will meet with you before your journey for moral support and rituals to ready your mind, body and spirit. During your journey, I will be with you all day, tending to your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. I will stay overnight with you after your journey and help you transition into recovery and self-care activities.

Pre-requisites: Application, Discovery Session, Preparation Sessions, and commitment to Integration Service with me or another practitioner or guide.


Integration Counseling with or without trip sitting services such as for those returning from a plant medicine retreat.


Because sessions can vary in length and everyone is different, custom mentorships work the best. Please email me for more information, or simply set up a 1-hour counseling session and we can start exploring your goals and next steps.

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