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Maybe She's a Mushroom

A Whimsical Weekend in the Woods

September 8-10, 2023

Fort Mountain

Chatsworth, GA


I love wildflowers, but the more time I spend with mushrooms, I think they might just be the most magical thing in the forest. September is National Mushroom Month and there's no better way to embrace it than by getting out in the woods! Join me for an inspirational, delicious, enchanting weekend honoring the medicine and wild wisdom of mushrooms. Whether you are interested in learning about the medicinal and therapeutic properties of mushrooms, or you'd like to get creative with some mushroom-themed crafts and activities, this is sure to be a weekend of wonder, relaxation, and fun!

Retreat Highlights

Maybe She's a Mushroom Writing Circle

Liminal Spirits Oracle Circle

Mushroom Lore & Medicine Class

Wonderland Tea Party

Mushroom Inspired Crafts

Mushroom~Spirit Journey

Moonrise Mushroom Wonder Walk

Mushroom-Inspired Food Menu

Registration Details

Pricing Options

Queen Bed: $485

(Shared Room & Bathroom)


2 Nights Lodging

3 Meals (1L/2D)

Tea & Beverages

All Activities

Craft Supplies

Mushroom Tea Ritual

Does Not Include

Breakfasts &

Personal Snacks

$5 Park Pass

Deposit Option

Save your spot with a non-refundable 50% deposit. Balances are due by 8/15/2023.

Schedule Overview

*Central Time*

Friday Check-in: 5:30pm

Friday Dinner: 6:30pm

Friday Circle: 8:00pm

Sunday Checkout: 11:00 am

Activity Descriptions

Liminal Spirits Oracle Circle

During Friday night's circle we'll connect through ritual, writing, and oracle fun while also setting intentions for our magical weekend together. We'll be working with the Liminal Spirits Oracle Deck (very fitting for September!) and a seasonal tea will be served while we get to know one another.

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Mushroom Lore & Medicine Class

In this discussion, we'll share mushroom legends and stories plus medicinal properties of several fungi. We'll talk about classic medicinal mushrooms such as reishi and lion's mane, as well as psychedelic mushrooms and therapeutic approaches to working with them. 

mushroom vector gray.png

Mushroom Spirit Journey

Mushrooms have ancient ceremonial roots. They are the wisdom keepers of the unseen realm, and they can guide us between the worlds by pulling back the veil of space, time and limited beliefs. In this experience, we will be journeying with a mushroom tea, opening ourselves up to mystical experiences, intuitive wisdom, and deep connection. (The mushroom in our tea will be Reishi, a mushroom with subtle psychedelic properties, known as the "mushroom of immortality")

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Wonderland Tea Party

Pack your hats, crowns, and wonderland attire for an Alice in Wonderland themed lunch and tea party on Saturday! This just might be the highlight of the weekend. 

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Moonrise Mushroom Wonder Walk

Join us for a wander around the lake as the moon rises! This wonder walk will offer us the chance to connect with the moon, plants, and hopefully a few mushrooms along the trail as well as inspire us to look at each of these beings as friends and wisdom keepers.

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