The Dream Cave

Transpersonal Dreamwork Series

Wednesday Nights 7:00pm-9:15pm ET

Starts February 23, 2022

Dreams are invitations from the Soul.


They are a call to dance with mystery and deepen our connection with intuition. Dreams have their own language and simple analysis can reduce them to a "destination" rather than honor them as a portal to an even deeper journey. In Transpersonal Dreamwork, we learn how to travel beyond initial interpretations and see where else our dreams want to take us. We let our dreams "work on us", instead of the other way around!


This series is limited to 4-6 members to ensure there is enough time for everyone to share and be part of a demonstration if they choose to be. No dreamwork experience is needed and you don’t have to have vivid dreams or remember full dreams to attend and benefit from this series. All adults are welcome.

This series is being offered at the same cost as one private dreamwork session. Take advantage of this one-time opportunity and be part of this pilot series! For $95, you get access to all 4 group sessions as well as supplementary resources. Read on for more information or register now below.

Structure & Agenda

Each week there will be teaching, poetry, dream sharing, time to practice techniques, and a dreamwork demonstration. Participants will have the opportunity to be part of a live dreamwork demonstration.

Week One

Introduction to Transpersonal Dreamwork and Dream Sharing

*Week One required of all participants*

Dream Recall, Transpersonal Dreamwork Techniques Part I, Practice and Live Demonstrations

Week Two

Lucid Dreaming, Transpersonal Dreamwork Techniques Part II, Practice and Live Demonstrations

Week Three

Apprenticing the Dream Maker, Dream Altars, Continuing the Work, and Live Demonstrations

Week Four

More Information

Upon registration, you will receive a detailed syllabus with simple ways to prepare for each week's group. Each week you will need a quiet space that offers an environment appropriate for meditation or visualization and a journal/notebook. Week 3 requires basic art supplies, including markers/crayons/colored pencils and blank paper. Attendance is required for Week One. If you cannot attend Week One, please do not register. No refunds are provided for missed sessions and recordings of missed sessions are not available due to the nature of these sessions.


Many people find significant value in having their dreamwork recorded. They enjoy listening to their own reflections, a-ha moments, and revisiting some of our collaborative discussions. A bonus in the group setting is that you can revisit other people's reflections and insights as well. If you would like access to recordings of the sessions you attend, you can add that option during registration for an additional $15.00. In an effort to keep this experience as affordable as possible, I am offering this as a separate add-on option.