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Women's Dream Cave 2022

Overnight Dreamwork Immersion

July 16 @ 6:30pm - July 17 @ 12:30pm

Location: The Cavewoman Way Studio - Chattanooga, TN

Dreams are often invitations from the realm of Soul and they can serve as portals to an even deeper journey if we know how to work with them. They call us to dance with mystery and deepen our connection with our intuition. In Transpersonal Dreamwork, we learn how to travel beyond initial interpretations and see where else our dreams want to take us. Such an inner quest can lead to some unexpected discoveries!


This overnight experience is limited to 8 women to ensure there is enough time for everyone to share and be part of a dreamwork demonstration if they choose to be. No dreamwork experience is needed and you don’t have to have vivid dreams or remember full dreams to attend and benefit from this experience. We will work with dream images from your past as well as any dreams or messages that may emerge during our night together. Michelle will also lead a "waking" dream journey that will offer you the opportunity to apply some of these techniques to synchronicities and reappearing symbols in your life.


Dream Quest: $95.00

Ages 18+

Includes workshop, tea ritual, altar creation, dreamwork mini-session, snacks, and light breakfast on Sunday + overnight stay

Structure & Agenda

This overnight experience will include teaching, poetry, a dream tea ritual, dream sharing, altar creation, time to practice techniques, and dreamwork demonstrations. Each participant will have the chance to be part of a live dreamwork mini-session. 

Saturday Evening

Dreamwork Discussion

Dreamwork Techniques + Practice

Dreamwork Mini-sessions

Creating Dream Altars

Apprenticing the Dream Maker Circle


Saturday Night

Think of this as a dream-themed sleepover! There will be plenty of room to spread out and tuck yourself in for the night both in the studio and the yoga room. Bring a cot or small air mattress, or make a yoga mat pallet. Don't forget a blanket/sleeping bag and pillow. If you are sensitive to sounds or light, you may want to bring an eye mask or earplugs. An instrumental dream song will play throughout the night and the lights will be turned off. A night light will illuminate the restroom area.

Sunday Morning

Guayusa Morning Tea Ritual

Dream Sharing

Dreamwork Mini-sessions

Guayusa tea helps us revisit and reconnect with dreams and has been worked with in dreamwork for centuries. It is also packed with natural energy and antioxidants that can support our minds and bodies throughout the day. As we sip our tea, we will share any dreams or experiences from Saturday Night. (Guayusa naturally contains caffeine; caffeine-free teas will be available as well)

What to Bring


Mug for tea

Cot/Air Mattress/Pad


Eye mask/ear plugs

Snacks (optional)

Markers or Crayons


Items for your dream altar (you will receive an email with suggestions)

Memories or written accounts of at least 2 different dreams - or parts of dreams- you would like to work with (it can be a scene, image, or character from a dream if you do not remember full dreams)

Food & Drink

Herbal Tea and water will be available throughout our gathering. Light snacks will be available Saturday evening, but please eat dinner before you come. Saturday morning we will have organic instant oatmeal, fruit, and muffins. Our refrigerator is tiny; if you would like to bring a cold beverage or snack, consider bringing a small cooler. Contact Michelle if you have questions about this. 


No refunds are available once you have registered. If the event is cancelled by the host, you will receive a full refund. Our host reserves the right to cancel this class if at least 6 women do not register. 

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