Magic in the Bee Cave

Full "Honey" Moon Retreat

June 24-27, 2021

Cave Springs, GA


June’s Full Honey Moon reminds us to nourish our bodies, savor the season, embrace sensuality, and gather in sacred community. This retreat will offer a small group of women the opportunity to do just that, plus learn about the magical, medicinal properties of honey and the rich herstory and mythology of the Bee Goddess.

double bath.png

Nourish Your Body

Brew a Full Moon Lunar Herb Infusion

Eat Seasonal Fruits, Herbs and Vegetables

Sample Local Honey and Farm Fruits

Soak in a Milk & Honey Outdoor Bath


Savor the Season

Enjoy Wonder Walks and Sunshine

Sip Honey Mead and Fruit Tea

Gaze at the stars and fireflies

Visit the local Farmer's Market

woman drumming.png

Gather in Sacred Community

Drum at our Bee Goddess Fire Circle

Learn the "Telling the Bees" tradition

Attend the Blessed Bee Medicine Workshop

Share Herbal Wisdom and Recipes

sun tea.jpg

Embrace Summer Solstice Rituals

Create a Sun Wheel or Flower Mandala

Draw Down the Sun with us

Brew an Herbal Sun Tea

Offer your intentions to our Solstice Fire


Registration includes 2 lunches, 3 dinners, 3 light breakfasts, plus lots of treats. Our retreat will take place in a beautiful barn-style house on a secluded farm in Cave Springs, GA. Bed options include King, Queen/Double, bunks, and camping. Photos of the farm and venue are below.

Private King Room: SOLD OUT

Queen Bed, Shared Room: SOLD OUT

Double Bed, Shared Room: SOLD OUT

Bottom Bunk, Shared Room: SOLD OUT

Top Bunk, Shared Room: SOLD OUT

Camping/Air Mattress/Cot: SOLD OUT

*Reserve your spot with a $100 deposit*

*Cancellations made on or before May 16, 2021 are subject to a $100 cancellation fee. No refunds will be available after May 16, 2021, however your registration can be transferred to another woman.*

Food Menu

Our menu will be vegetarian and incorporate lots of local honey. Those requiring a vegan diet are welcome to attend, but may need to bring some snacks or food to supplement meals. Our menu will include seasonal entrees plus special treats such as Salted Honey Pies and Coconut Honey Crepes. Full Menu Coming Soon!